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Workplace Mediation Services

Employee disputes can be between employee and employer or between two employees; but both can be equally devastating.


Mediate Conflicts Between Employees

Employee conflicts can cut off communication between interdependent employees or departments. They can create hostile work environments where one employee feels unsafe in the workplace. They can lead to animosity towards the business for employing the other person. By pinning employee against employee, disputes between employees can kill office productivity, especially in smaller business with only a handful of employees. Worst of all, it could force the business to fire one or both of the employees, costing the business good talent as well as time and money training replacements.

Mediation is uniquely capable of dealing with employee disputes; by allowing both sides to be heard, which gives both sides the feeling that they were listened to and their concerns addressed.

Mediate Disputes Between Employee & Employer

Disputes between the employer and employee are often caused by lack of communication or a misunderstand of what was communicated. Other times, the conflict is caused by serious flaws in the operation of the business. Mediation can identify and then address the underlying cause(s) of work disputes which often have more to do with personalities and attitudes than quality of work or dependability.

In employer disputes, the Courts only care about who is at fault and how they should be punished. The source of the misunderstanding or the business operation causing the problem is never identified or remedied. Mediation is far more flexible in how the dispute is resolved by allowing the parties to propose their own solutions.

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