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Every business uses contracts regularly whether the business owner realizes it or not. Agreements that are made with suppliers, customers, employees, financial institutions, etc., are contracts whether they are written or verbal. Whether or not those agreements or contracts and their individual terms are enforceable, however, is an entirely different question.

In order to be enforceable, meaning you can force the other side to comply, a contract and its terms must comply with the laws of the State (in our case Connecticut) and the United States of America. Some contracts MUST be in writing to be enforceable. Some contracts are not enforceable EVEN IF they are in writing. The regulations are different from State to State, and industry to industry.

The bottom line is you need to protect your business by solidifying your agreements into written contracts that are drafted by professionals to guarantee enforceability.


Contract Review, Negotiation & Drafting

Our clients come to us at different stages of the contract process.

Sometimes, a supplier or financial institution will provide a business owner with a contract, and the business owner wants us to review it and advise them on the consequences of entering into the agreement.

Other times, the business owner will have already entered into the contract, and now wants us to review it and advise them on whether or not certain terms, or the contract as whole, are enforceable or can be avoided.danbury business cntracts

It is ALWAYS better to have us review the contract before signing it!

If we review the contract before it is signed and find some issues, we can negotiate the terms of the contract on our client’s behalf and draft corrections to the contract as needed.

Many times our business clients come to us for the drafting of their business contracts from scratch. We will discuss the clients needs and the proposed terms of the contract, review the regulations of that industry, and then draft custom contracts based on the overlap of the business’ needs, the agreeability of the third party, and the law regulating the agreement.

Contract Enforcement

When business disputes arise, the business owner should hope there is a well written contract regulating the actions creating the dispute.

A well written and thorough contract acts as litigation avoidance. If the contract contains terms outlining exactly how the parties will proceed in a certain situation, such as the dispute at hand, the parties need simply look to the contract language rather than to a Court via law suit.

However, often times the contract is not well written, or one of the parties refuses to comply even though the contract is very clear.

We help our clients both enforce contractual terms against third parties, as well as defend against enforcement when our client choses to escape the contract.

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