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Mediation as an Alternative to Court-based Conflict Resolution

Internal business disputes can be devastating. Business disputes lowers workplace morale ruining the work environment and lowering productivity. They can also lead to the loss of long term business relationships. Business disputes between founder or co-owners can lead to the complete breakdown of the business.

Mediation is a great alternative to Court-based dispute resolution.

  1. Some problems are better solved outside of court. Courts are not designed to address personal problems, emotions and attitudes. The collaborative nature of mediation allows it to address exactly these types of interpersonal issues.
  2. Mediation is non-binding making it much more palatable than Court orders. Both parties come together to agree on a resolution, rather than having the court force one upon them. This makes any unpleasantness easier to swallow.
  3. Mediation is private while Court is public. Do you want to air the dirty laundry? Do you want to open up your books to outside eyes?
  4. Court can take a long time. The American legal system can be commemorated for many things, but it’s speed is not one of them. If you need a solution fast so you can get back to business, you may want to consider mediation.
  5. Going to Court is expensive. Both sides to the dispute need to hire attorneys. Both attorneys have to review all of the documents, communicate with one another and their clients. Considering the fact that most business litigation is billed hourly, every additional minute can cost up to double or more than that of mediation.gavel-4-1236439

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