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Many business owners manage their own businesses. Other business owners hire a manager or outsource their business management tasks. No matter who acts in the capacity of business manager, relying on them to handle legal matters is a big mistake.

The most common area where I see this mistake made is with business contracts. Your manager might be able to read a contract and understand what it says in plain English. But do they know what the industry standard is? Which terms are illegal? Which remedies are enforceable or not? Perhaps some of the words in the contract have a legal meaning and not their usual plain English meaning.

Another area is with insurance policies. Does your manager know if your business is required to have insurance? What kind of insurance? What should your policy limits be? Exactly what is the policy insuring? Does your business need a bond? What kind of bond? What amount must the bond cover?

Employment is another area where business managers are expected to make legally binding decisions. How should your employees be paid? What type of employment or employee insurance do you need to carry? How should you treat an employee with a substance abuse problem? Or an employee who was caught stealing? What if you only expect they were stealing but have no proof?

The fact of the matter is that legal questions come up on a daily basis when you are doing business. Relying on an individual without any legal training to make legally binding decisions quickly begins to look like a bad idea….

I am here to help. My business clients can put me on retainer to answer any questions they may have when it comes to the legal aspects of running their business.

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