Review of Your Business Compliance with Connecticut Law

Business Compliance Reviewbusiness health checkup

The business compliance review is like a physical for your business. You regularly see the doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong and get some advice on how to prevent problems from happening, and if something is wrong, you want the professional to fix it. There are many lives relying on the heath of your business; Doesn’t your business deserve the same treatment?


Our business compliance review does just that: it reviews the status of your business with the SOTS, DRS, as well as other regulatory agencies or entities. We also review your operational documents and contracts to make sure they are legal and binding in Connecticut. We then notify you of any business compliance issues that exist and what the potential exposure is. Finally, we will give you a direct plan on how we would go about fixing the business compliance issues, and what it would cost to hire us to fix them.

Business health check-up reviews your:

  • formation documents
  • State filings history
  • operating agreement or bylaws
  • State licensing
  • industry specific regulations
  • UCC Lien Search
  • Sales Tax permits & liabilities

Identify issues that can affect:

  • ability to conduct business in CT
  • ability to get a business loan
  • ability to buy property
  • ability to enter into certain contracts

Propose solutions to problems:

  • restructure business
  • fix improper filings
  • file missing documents
  • tax resolution & lien release
  • consult on operational compliance issues

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